Visiting CMS/W and Attending Events

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MIT campus map, in tile, at the Koch Cafe.

Boston viewed from MIT

MIT is a great place to visit.

It’s an open campus running more than a mile along the Charles River, with beautiful views of the Boston skyline and frequent, entertaining, student-led campus tours. MIT’s own (and Cambridge’s and Boston’s) museums—including the Boston Children’s Museum and Museum of Science—are close by.

Likewise, CMS/W is welcoming and expansive, with public events every week of the semester, accessible faculty and staff, and many opportunities to participate in local intellectual and community life.

To visit us or attend our events


Parking at MIT: It can be tricky. There are many parking lots, but few are free.

Public Transportation: Instead, we encourage you to make easy use of public transportation and make the one-minute walk from the Kendall/MIT subway station to our offices.

A prospective applicant or major? Plan ahead!

Our faculty and research group staff would love to talk you. Among other things, those chats help give us a sense of emerging research interests.

Some faculty members, of course, may not be on campus during the summer, or they may even be on sabbatical for a semester or longer to do extended research or book-writing. The way to make the most out of a visit is to contact a faculty member directly but know that they may not always be physically on campus.

If you are a prospective graduate student, keep an eye on the events calendar, as we host in-person and online information sessions during the fall.

The in-person information sessions are almost always held on a Thursday, That way, you have a chance to hear our weekly colloquium speaker Thursdays at 5pm. If you are planning a visit, consider building your trip around one of those Thursdays.


As with any school, keep an eye on holidays and the academic calendar.