Visual Persuasion in the Digital Age

I teach a two-day program for the MIT Sloan Executive Education program called “Communication and Persuasion in the Digital Age.” I have taught the program twice and was asked to share part of it for their innovation@work Webinar Series. It was a bit of a challenge adapting to the webinar format, but it turned out well and we set a new record for webinar participants at nearly 1000 from across the globe. The follow-up emails have been most gratifying. The basic points I try to make is that communicators need to think of visual and verbal messages as different media, that visual is king in a digital era, and that one’s mediated identity is one’s “real” identity for your audience.

Edward Schiappa

About Edward Schiappa

Edward Schiappa conducts research in argumentation, classical rhetoric, media influence, and contemporary rhetorical theory. His current research explores the relationship between rhetorical theory and critical media studies. He has published ten books and his research has appeared in such journals as Philosophy & Rhetoric, Quarterly Journal of Speech, Rhetoric Review, Argumentation, Communication Monographs, and Communication Theory. He has served as editor of Argumentation and Advocacy and received NCA's Douglas W. Ehninger Distinguished Rhetorical Scholar Award in 2000 and the Rhetorical and Communication Theory Distinguished Scholar Award in 2006. He was named a National Communication Association Distinguished Scholar in 2009. Schiappa is former Head of CMS/W and is John E. Burchard Professor of the Humanities.


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