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MIT’s Writing and Communication Center (WCC)

WCC offers its programs to the wide community of MIT undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty, and staff from all MIT departments and disciplines, which include:

Upcoming Events

Writing Together In-person Session

If you need extra time to work on your writing projects this week, join the WCC team during an in-person Writing Together session. This session will help you make progress and work productively in the company of other scholars. We will provide lunch and drinks, as well as the right productive ambiance. This program is open to all MIT grad students and scholars actively writing their papers, proposals, manuscripts, and thesis chapters.

WHEN: Wed, May 8th 2024, 12-2pm

NOTE: Lunch and drinks are provided for this session

What can the WCC help you do?

  • The WCC helps you strategize about all types of academic and professional writing as well as about all aspects of oral presentations (including practicing classroom presentations & conference talks as well as designing slides).
  • It helps you think your way more deeply into your topic and helps you see new implications in your data, research, and ideas.
  • And it helps with all English as a Second Language issues, from writing and grammar to pronunciation and conversation practice.

We’ll help you succeed with:

  • Writing for any MIT class
  • Grant and fellowship proposals
  • Journal articles
  • Thesis or dissertation proposals
  • Theses or dissertation chapters
  • CVs/resumes, cover letters
  • Research or personal statements
  • Teaching or diversity statements
  • Scientific and technical reports
  • English Language Learning topics
  • Creative writing and poetry
  • Start-up materials and elevator pitches
  • Classroom presentations
  • Conference and job talks
  • Interview practice
  • Dissertation defense
  • Slide and poster design
  • Pronunciation and conversation practice
  • Procrastination and perfectionism
  • Shyness/stage fright
  • Imposter stress and writer’s blocks
  • Other communications challenges