The Write Time with WRAP

Many MIT students report that they find it difficult to manage their time effectively on writing assignments. Are you one of them? Do you struggle to break longer projects down into smaller, discrete tasks, and end up doing most of the writing the night before an assignment is due? That pattern is called “binge writing,” and studies have shown that it increases anxiety; conversely, developing consistent writing habits—and times—decreases stress and leads to better results (Boice 1990, 2000).  Much research also shows that writing in the company of others can decrease stress and lead to more production.

During this unusual semester, with so many students away from campus, WRAP has created a virtual space, “The Write Time,” where you can log in, create a goal for your session, and write quietly (with microphones muted) in the company of other writers. We’ll take a short break at regular intervals when you can chat about your progress or just stretch and refocus, and we’ll be interested to hear your feedback and ideas about what would help you structure your time.

You can join us to write together at “The Write Time” on Zoom at the following (MIT campus) times:


Time (MIT time)



4-6 pm


4-6 pm


1-2 pm


11 am – noon

6-8 pm


4-5 pm


We look forward to writing with you!

MIT Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication (WRAP)