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Writing about Sports – Investigative Essay


Karen Boiko

Writing and Rhetoric: Writing about Sports
Essay 3: Investigative Essay
8-10 p. double-spaced (2400-3000 words)

Essay 3 is a researched essay focusing on a topic of your choice (with my approval). It gives you the opportunity to develop your investigative and critical skills and your ability to organize a longer essay, along with practice using sources responsibly.

Topics may include, but are not limited to: Topics with a historical focus, e.g., issues related to Babe Ruth or Muhammad Ali, or the origins of a particular sport; cultural meanings of a particular sport; issues related to the Olympic games; current issues in sports such as the place of sports in higher education, concussion, doping…

Note that these are general topics; you will want to narrow your topic to a more specific question that will motivate your essay.
• Your first draft must be a minimum of 6-7 complete pages, or it may be 8-10 pages with a couple of sections left like this: [to come]. Of course, it may also be complete.
• Whatever length draft you post and hand in, it MUST be accompanied by your Works Cited.