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Assignments 2013-2014

Assignment by Karen Boiko – Investigative Essay/Food for Thought

Minyi Lee – Anorexia: A Matter of Life and Breadth


Assignment by Karen Boiko – Investigative Essay/Sports

David Christoff – The System: Football for Sale


Assignment by Karen Boiko – Short Essay/Sports

David Christoff – Reunion


Assignment by Lucy Marx – Personal Investigative Essay/Autobiography

Alex Leffell – Beautiful Rust

Brendan Chang – Whatever It Takes


Assignment by Lucy Marx – Where I Come from

Annie Kuan – Mangoes


Assignment by Lucy Marx – Looking at MIT

Michael Holachek – A Maze of Computation

Theresa Santiano-McHatton – Ode to Bob Marley


Assignment by Lucy Marx- On the Road to MIT

Faaya Fulas – Transition

Sebasthian Santiago – Curtain Call


Assignment by Lucy Marx – Personal Investigative Essay/MIT: Inside, Live

Michael Holachek – Spontaneous Collaboration


Assignment by Lucy Marx – MIT Stories

Cheng Dai – The Escape

Sarah Osmulski – Silence


Assignment by Janis Melvold – A Researched Science Essay for the General Public

Christian Cardozo-Aviles – Everything

Clare Liu – The Truth about Stem Cells

Sam Moore – The Origin of Mass


Assignment by Cynthia Taft – Scientific American Update

Dalia Walzer – Our Guts, Our Bodies, Ourselves