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About Angles

All of the works published in Angles are written by students in the introductory writing subjects at MIT. Designated as CI-HW (Communications-Intensive Humanities Writing), these subjects cover a range of inquiries within three main categories: Writing and Rhetoric, Writing and Experience, and Science Writing and New Media. The diversity of genre and content generated and refined in these subjects reveals students’ commitment to improve their rhetorical knowledge by closely examining themselves and their world through writing. All of the articles were written in response to specific writing assignments, which you can access within Angles.

Since its inception in 2008, Angles has provided students with an important space to communicate thoughts and ideas to a public audience beyond the walls of the classroom. Thank you for reading these selected works from MIT’s communication-intensive humanities writing courses.

We are grateful to the Comparative Media Studies and Writing Program for their ongoing support of Angles and to the Basha family for their early support of this magazine. In 2010, the Bashas established a fund for Angles in honor of Umaer Basha. If you wish add your support, go to https://giving.mit.edu/search/node/basha.


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If you wish to browse and read past issues of Angles, which has been published since 2008, go to this page.


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