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  • Podcast: A Talk with Denis Dyack

    Podcast: A Talk with Denis Dyack

    Dennis Dyack is a noted authority on interactive software development and offers valuable insight into the process of designing next-generation games that appeal to the masses.

  • Podcast and video: “Global Television”

    Podcast and video: “Global Television”

    Eggo M├╝ller, Roberta Pearson, and William Uricchio discuss the origins and significance of the international distribution of television formats and programs.

  • Spring Course Profile: Media@MIT

    Spring Course Profile: Media@MIT

    A research-focused course, and concerned with the narratives that have been constructed around these figures and with the dominant readings that have been deployed in making sense of them.

  • Live Action Anime? Only at MIT!

    Live Action Anime? Only at MIT!

    The performance, Madness at Mokuba, opened with a spectacular battle between two giant robots staged against the backdrop of projected anime image.

  • The New Games Curriculum at MIT

    The New Games Curriculum at MIT

    Comparative Media Studies is giving students an opportunity to make games and analyze them critically as part of their coursework.

  • Ellen Hume

    MIT Center for Future Civic Media Welcomes Ellen Hume

    Owing to her early involvement, few were surprised to learn that Ellen Hume would be spearheading the center and articulating its vision.

  • Preserving Our Digital Heritage

    Preserving Our Digital Heritage

    William Uricchio: “UNESCO, long concerned with world heritage sites such as the Taj Mahal, extended its remit to include something far more ephemeral.”