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  • Huma Yusuf

    Class of 2008 Thesis Presentations

    The CMS Class of 2008 will be giving their thesis presentations today, Friday, March 21, 2008, from 11AM to 6PM in room 35-225. The event is open to the public.

  • Podcast: A Talk with Denis Dyack

    Podcast: A Talk with Denis Dyack

    Dennis Dyack is a noted authority on interactive software development and offers valuable insight into the process of designing next-generation games that appeal to the masses.

  • Podcast: “Global Television”

    Podcast: “Global Television”

    Eggo Müller, Roberta Pearson, and William Uricchio discuss the origins and significance of the international distribution of television formats and programs.

  • Spring Course Profile: Media@MIT

    Spring Course Profile: Media@MIT

    A research-focused course, and concerned with the narratives that have been constructed around these figures and with the dominant readings that have been deployed in making sense of them.

  • Live Action Anime? Only at MIT!

    Live Action Anime? Only at MIT!

    The performance, Madness at Mokuba, opened with a spectacular battle between two giant robots staged against the backdrop of projected anime image.