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  • Turning Video Games’ Power Into A Positive

    An article on Knight-Ridder tackles the omnipresent games-and-violence debate, and looks at the possible social benefits of video gaming.

  • The Gamer as Artiste

    The Gamer as Artiste

    Henry Jenkins to the New York Times: “Hollywood puts its effort into things gamers don’t care about.”

  • Henry Jenkins

    “We Fans Will Have The Power”

    An article on SyFy Portal picks up on Professor Henry Jenkins’ recent article for FLOW (“I Want My Geek TV!”).

  • LA Times on Gaming Programs in Academia

    LA Times on Gaming Programs in Academia

    “Jenkins is one of many university professors who draw the comparison between today’s emerging interactive entertainment curriculum and the film schools that emerged in the ’70s.”

  • Media Coverage of “Learning Games To Go”

    Media Coverage of “Learning Games To Go”

    The Baltimore Business Journal mentions The Education Arcade, about “Learning Games To Go” being completed with Maryland Public Television.

  • Colloquium with Doug Lowenstein

    Colloquium with Doug Lowenstein

    Doug Lowenstein, president of the Entertainment Software Association, on “What Will it Take for Video Games To Emerge as the 21st Century’s Dominant Entertainment Form?”

  • Ivan Askwith

    TV You’ll Want To Pay For

    Graduate student Ivan Askwith has an article in today’s edition of Slate, entitled “TV You’ll Want To Pay For: How $2 Downloads Can Revive Network Television.”