Directory of MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing people. Includes faculty, researchers, graduate students, and staff.

Last Name First Name Email
Abarca Ivan Visiting Scholar
Al-Quradaghi Khalid Visiting Scholar
Andrew Liam Graduate Student, CMS, '15
Baladi Lara Visual Artist Research Scholar
Bald Vivek Associate Professor of Writing and Digital Media
Banuazizi Atissa Lecturer
Barabas Chelsea Graduate Student, CMS, '15
Barrett Ed Senior Lecturer
Bartusiak Marcia Professor of the Practice
Baudoin Patsy MIT Libraries Liaison to CMS/W; the Media Lab; and Art, Culture, & Technology. Media Studies, Visual Arts, and Film Studies Librarian.
Baym Nancy Visiting Professor
Becker Rachel Graduate Student, Science Writing, '15
Behlil Melis Visiting Scholar
Ben Khelifa Karim Open Documentary Lab Artist in Residence
Berezin Jared David Lecturer
Bernal Guillermo Research Associate
Boghani Amar Creative Technologist, Mobile Experience Lab
Boiko Karen Lecturer II
Boyacioglu Beyza Graduate Student, CMS, '16
Braganza Noel Interaction Designer
Breindel Harlan Lecturer II
Brinkema Eugenie Associate Professor
Brophy Stephen Lecturer
Brownell Lindsay Graduate Student, Science Writing, '14
Bui Lily Graduate Student, CMS, '16
Caldwell Kyrie Eleison Graduate Student, CMS, '16
Carleton Amy Lecturer
Carlisle Susan Lecturer
Carmichael Mary Lecturer
Casalegno Federico Associate Professor of the Practice; Director, Mobile Experience Lab
Caulfield Mary Lecturer
Chan Steve Research Fellow
Cizek Katerina MIT Visiting Artist
Colen B. D. Lecturer
Condry Ian Professor
Connor Jane Lecturer II
Costanza-Chock Sasha Assistant Professor of Civic Media
Couch Christina Graduate Student, Science Writing, '15
Craig Heather Graduate Student, CMS, '15
Craig Jennifer Lecturer II
Custer Dave Lecturer
Duke Julie Graduate Student, Science Writing, '14
Dumpawar Suruchi Graduate Student, CMS, '15
Díaz Junot Rudge and Nancy Allen Professor of Writing
Eberhardt Rik Studio Manager, MIT Game Lab
Effgen A. B. Financial Assistant II
Fendt Kurt Executive Director, HyperStudio
Flynn Sean Graduate Student, CMS, '15
Folsom Jamie Lead Web Applications Developer, Hyperstudio
Fox Elizabeth Lecturer
Fusco Coco Coco Fusco is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist and writer. She is a recipient of a 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship, a 2013 Absolut Art Writing Award, a 2013 Fulbright Fellowship, a 2012 US Artists Fellowship and a 2003 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts. Fusco's performances and videos have been presented in two Whitney Biennials (2008 and 1993), BAM’s Next Wave Festival, the Sydney Biennale, The Johannesburg Biennial, The Kwangju Biennale, The Shanghai Biennale, InSite O5, Mercosul, Transmediale, The London International Theatre Festival, VideoBrasil and Performa05. Her works have also been shown at the Tate Liverpool, The Museum of Modern Art, The Walker Art Center and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. She is represented by Alexander Gray Associates in New York. Fusco is the author of English is Broken Here: Notes on Cultural Fusion in the Americas (1995) and The Bodies that Were Not Ours and Other Writings (2001), and A Field Guide for Female Interrogators (2008). She is also the editor of Corpus Delecti: Performance Art of the Americas (1999) and Only Skin Deep: Changing Visions of the American Self (2003). Fusco's work combines electronic media and performance in a variety of formats, from staged multi-media performances incorporating large scale projections and closed circuit television to live performances streamed to the internet that invite audiences to chart the course of action through chat interaction. Her most recent performance, Observations of Predation in Humans: A Lecture by Dr. Zira, Animal Psychologist, revives the character from Planet of the Apes to offer a commentary on contemporary forms of aggression that is supplemented by multimedia illustration. Fusco received her B.A. in Semiotics from Brown University (1982), her M.A. in Modern Thought and Literature from Stanford University (1985) and her Ph.D. in Art and Visual Culture from Middlesex University (2007). She has taught at Tyler School of Art, Columbia University School of the Arts, Parsons The New School for Design and The Fundacão Armando Alvares Penteado in Brazil.
Gencel Bek Mine Visiting Fulbright Professor
Giaimo Cara Graduate Student, Science Writing, '15
Gibbs Eric
Gonzalez Desi Graduate Student, CMS, '15
Grant Andrew Lecturer
Graziano JoAnn Lecturer
Greshko Michael Graduate Student, Science Writing, '15
Gupta Anika Graduate Student, CMS, '16
Hampton Meissa Artist in Residence
Harper Todd Postdoctoral Associate
Harrell D. Fox Associate Professor of Digital Media
Harrison Lepera Louise Lecturer
Helminen Suvi Andrea Open Documentary Lab Artist in Residence
Hendershot Heather Professor
Herb Amelia Lecturer
Horvath Gabriella Administrative Assistant, HyperStudio
Irwin Robert Lecturer
Jackson Nora Lecturer
Jacobs Suzanne Graduate Student, Science Writing, '15
Jahn Marisa Open Documentary Lab Artist in Residence
Jakobsson Mikael Research Scientist
Janows Jill Director, Grants Development
Juul Jesper Visiting Assistant Professor
Karatsolis Andreas Associate Director of Writing across the Curriculum karatsol@MIT.EDU
Kilburn Lilia Graduate Student, CMS, '16
Koenig Nikolaus Postdoctoral Fellow
Kokernak Jane Lecturer
Kotsopoulos Sotirios Research Associate, Mobile Experience Lab
Kreitz Kelley Visiting Scholar
Kummer Corby
Lane Suzanne Director of Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication
Larkin Shannon Academic Administrator
Lee Helen Elaine Professor
Levenson Thomas Professor of Science Writing
Levine Marilyn Lecturer
Lewitt Shariann Lecturer
Li Baozhen Professor
Lightman Alan Professor of the Practice of the Humanities
Liu Marjorie Guest Lecturer
Lord Lacey Graduate Student, CMS, '16
Louis Karinthia Administrative Assistant: Publicity and Events Coordinator
Lowenthal Andrew Open Documentary Lab Research Affiliate
Mangum Gordon Graduate Student, CMS, '16
Manning Kenneth Thomas Meloy Professor of Rhetoric and History of Science
Marx Lucy Lecturer
Melvold Janis Lecturer II
Mnookin Seth Assistant Professor of Science Writing
Montfort Nick Associate Professor of Digital Media
Morris Alix Graduate Student, Science Writing, '14
Nieborg David Postdoctoral Associate
Nighthill Abi Graduate Student, Science Writing, '14
Nowogrodzki Anna Graduate Student, Science Writing, '15
Ogren-Balkema Marilee Lecturer II
Olson Mitchell Katherine Administrative Assistant II, Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication
Osterweil Scot Creative Director, Education Arcade
Paradis James Robert M. Metcalfe Professor of Writing and Comparative Media Studies
Pepper Karen Lecturer
Picker John Lecturer
Rapa Michael Systems Administrator
Rojas Theresa SHASS Fellow | Visiting Scholar
Roldan Leslie Lecturer II
Rood Jenny Graduate Student, Science Writing, '14
Rosario Nelly Visiting Scholar
Rubio Thalia Lecturer
Ruff Susan Lecturer II
Schiappa Edward Head of CMS/W
John E. Burchard Professor of Humanities
Schnepper Rachel Communications Officer
Schoenstein Juergen Lecturer
Schwartz Sarah Graduate Student, Science Writing, '15
Sconyers Emma Graduate Student, Science Writing, '14
Sell Jesse Graduate Student, CMS, '15
Shepardson Becky Undergraduate Academic Administrator
Singer Thea Lecturer
Siska Pamela Lecturer
Smith Sarah Administrative Officer
Sobel Amanda Lecturer
Sokol Joshua Graduate Student, Science Writing, '15
Spilecki Susan Lecturer
Stayton Erik Graduate Student, CMS, '15
Stickgold-Sarah Jessie Lecturer
Strang Steven Founder and Director of MIT's Writing and Communication Center
Stuhl Andy Graduate Student, CMS, '16
Sutherland Ainsley Graduate Student, CMS, '15
Sutliff Linda Lecturer
Taft Cynthia Lecturer
Tague Annie Graduate Student, Science Writing, '15
Tan Philip Creative Director, MIT Game Lab
Tatlock Jessica Administrative Assistant II
Taylor T.L. Associate Professor of Comparative Media Studies
Thorburn David Professor of Literature and Director of the MIT Communications Forum
Thorndike-Breeze Rebecca Lecturer
Tortum Deniz Graduate Student, CMS, '16
Trice Michael Lecturer
Trépanier-Jobin Gabrielle Postdoctoral Associate
Urbano Carole Communications Specialist, Education Arcade
Uricchio William Professor of Comparative Media Studies
Vaeth Kimberly Lecturer
Verrilli Sara Development Director, MIT Game Lab
Walsh Andrea Lecturer II
Wang Yu Graduate Student, CMS, '15
Wang Jing Professor of Chinese Media and Cultural Studies
Weaver Christopher Visiting Scholar and Lecturer
Whitacre Andrew Communications Director
Wildman Jeanne Lecturer
Williams Rosalind Bern Dibner Professor of the History of Science and Technology
Wolozin Sarah Director, Open Documentary Lab
Wotipka Sam Graduate Student, Science Writing, '14
Zhang Chunhua Visiting Scholar
Zuckerman Ethan Director, Center for Civic Media