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Featured work from speaker Sinan Aral

Sinan Aral

Ahead of Sinan Aral’s talk, we wanted to suggest a few pieces that help highlight his work.

This Thursday at 5pm we launch our fall speaker series with Sinan Aral, a quant from the MIT-Sloan School of Management, on “Social Influence and The Dynamics of Online Reputation”:

Sinan Aral will describe a series of randomized experiments that explore the population level behavioral dynamics catalyzed by identity and reputation online. He will explore some of the implications for bias in online ratings, the foundations of social advertising and the ability to generate cascades of behavior through peer to peer social influence in networks. The coming decades will likely see an emphasis on verified identities online. Aral will argue that a new science of online identity could help guide our business, platform design and social policy decisions in light of the rising importance of online reputation and social influence.

Ahead of Sinan’s talk, we wanted to suggest a couple pieces that help highlight his work:

Andrew Whitacre
Written by
Andrew Whitacre

Andrew directs the communications efforts for CMS/W and Responsible AI for Social Empowerment and Education. A native of Washington, D.C., he holds a degree in communication from Wake Forest University, with a minor in humanities, as well as an M.F.A. in creative writing from Emerson College.

This work includes drawing up and executing strategic communications plans, with projects including website design, social media management and training, press outreach, product launches, fundraising campaign support, and event promotions.

Andrew Whitacre Written by Andrew Whitacre